A Million and One Ways to Orange-Pill: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 24 w/ @duczko

Sean and Plan Marcus are joined by Lukas (@duczko) and discuss many ways that people can be orange-pilled. Enjoy!  

0:00 Intro 

1:30 Meeting Bitcoiners in real life and online 

5:30 Global BTC Fest 24 hours spaces 

7:25 People need bitcoin  

12:45 People can advance bitcoin adoption in their own countries 

14:25 Build, you never know how it can help bitcoin 

18:00 Help the existing Bitcoiners 

20:45 Dropping orange pills everywhere  

23:30 Will nocoiners understand NgU subconsciously? 

28:00 Simple ways to orange pill besides looking to price 

36:20 Getting paid in bitcoin  

39:00 ATM withdrawals are antiquated  

40:50 Bitcoin solves human greed 

46:20 Don’t Trust, Verify 

48:20 GDP manipulation by money printing 

51:30 Outtro

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