All Roads Lead to Bitcoin: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 42 w/ @ericcantmeme

Eric Can’t Meme joins Sean and Marcus as they dive into how Eric was prepared to understand bitcoin even before he knew what bitcoin was. Really interesting story, we hope you enjoy!  

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Recorded on Sunday, Dec 4, 2022.  

0:00 Intros 

4:10 Why The Name? 

9:50 All Roads Lead to Bitcoin 

17:10 Rugpulls Create 3 Different Types of People 

19:50 No Heroes in Bitcoin 

23:50 Family is Receptive to Bitcoin? 

26:00 Bitcoin Changes You 

28:50 Bitcoin is Optimism, Rules not Rulers 

32:50 Have the Narratives Changed? 

39:40 Engineering/Technical Background? 

43:00 Bitcoin is Competing against the Central Banks of the World 

44:45 Final 3 Questions 

1:06:45 What are You Looking Forward to in 2023? 

1:08:30 Outros

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