Bitcoin and Conspiracy Theories: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 35 w/ GegeLSMR

Sean and Marcus are joined by the energized GegeLSMR and go down a deep dive Bitcoin, Central Banking, and other Conspiracy Theories that many are still unwilling to unplug from. We hope you enjoy 🔥  

Recorded on Tuesday, October 18, 2022.  

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0:00 Intros 

2:00 French Lesson 

3:00 Legendary Trolls 

11:00 Memes are the Propaganda Reverse Card 

14:20 Will Mass Adoption Ever Happen? 

16:15 Gege Was Born to Sniff out Clown World 

19:30 Bitcoin Exposes the Clown World 

22:00 Bitcoin is the Peaceful Revolution 

25:00 Normies Don’t Want to be Unplugged 

28:00 Infringed Freedoms will bring more Bitcoin Adoption 

32:00 Falling For Government Propaganda 

35:00 Real Issues Being Covered Up by Mainstream Narrative 

40:35 Follow Truth, Not the Pack 

42:00 Economic Incentives is how you Win 

44:00 Speak Truth to Everyone 

47:00 Success Changes Minds 

52:15 Why Gege Left France  

54:45 Final 3 Questions 

1:07:15 Halving Party Shill 

1:10:45 Outros

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