Bitcoin for Freedom with Yellow, Surfer Jim, Mel, and BTC Chinchilla: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 16

In this spirited discussion Big Sean and Plan Marcus went to Twitter and asked who would like to join them. These awesome plebs decided to speak up and join the show:  Mel -@girls_bitcoin Yellow-@ICOffenderII @btc_chinchilla @surferjimw  We hope you enjoy 🔥   

0:00 intros 

0:50 The ridiculousness of Hex 

13:00 BCash is still around? 

15:26 Banks, Corporate, and Government strategy 

19:00 Freedom of Choice  

22:25 Porcupine Freedom Festival 

27:11 Pleb meet-ups are a great way to make friends 

31:40 There is no freedom without freedom of money 

34:15 Hyperinflation/Hyperbitcoinazation brings about a massive wealth transfer 

37:00 Bitcoiners have been predicting the financial future 

41:00 Do the work and bitcoin makes sense 

47:35 Why do many not understand bitcoin? 

51:00 Volatility to be expected as a new money replaces the incumbent money 

53:25 Wen 100k Yellow? 

55:40 Hardest people to orange-pill are some of the most fiat successful

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