Bitcoin Integrated into Everything: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 34 w/ @Meditation_Man

Plan Marcus and Big Sean are joined by the one and only TC. They have a conversation and talk everything bitcoin, from why it matters, where it’s headed and how TC made started on his bitcoin journey. Surely a great episode 🔥  

Recorded on Wednesday, October 12, 2022.  

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0:00 TC’s Mining Fomo 

9:30 When Things are Too Good To Be True 

13:30 Bull Markets Only Go Up, Until The Bear 

17:00 TC’s Bitcoin Journey 

25:40 Family in Bitcoin 

28:30 Fiat Is the Problem, It’s Programmed to Debase 

30:30 Who Did You Listen To When You Went Down the Rabbit Hole? 

36:30 Most Goldbugs are Boomers bc Millennials can have a longer time Preference 

40:15 Resurgence of a Gold Standard? 

43:00 What Matters? 

52:00 They are Fighting Us, Then We Win 

54:00 We Are Early 

57:15 Halving Party Shilled by TC 

58:45 Final 3 Questions 01:20:00 Outros

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