Bitcoin Radiates Truth: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 31 w/ @dutchymitts

Sean and Plan Marcus have an insanely insightful conversation with Dutchy (@dutchymitts on Twitter) Radiation, Nuclear Energy, and of course Bitcoin. One of our favorite episodes so far, a big thank you to Dutchy for joining and dropping so much signal. Recorded on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. 


0:00 Intros 

0:35 Let’s not make this an Ethereum Interview 

3:30 Who is Dutchy? 

7:50 Practical Decision Making vs Emotional 

12:30 Nuclear and Radiation 

21:00 The Curious Understand Bitcoin 

24:45 You Become Your Own Hero in Bitcoin 

27:30 Convexity and Exponentials 

29:40 Bitcoin is an Open System to Transfer Value/Money 

34:30 Bitcoin Cannot Be Stopped 

39:30 No Backsies in Bitcoin 

41:30 Solar Energy 

44:20 Pain Brings You to Bitcoin 

47:30 Bitcoin is Hope, Now What? 

52:15 Measure Price from Bottom to Bottom 

56:40 Outtros

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