Dutch ESG vs the Plebs: Bitcoiner’s Guide 21 w/ Limburg3rt

Plan Marcus and Big Sean are joined by the one and only @GhostLimburg3rt and discuss how bitcoin helps everyday plebs like the farmers in the Netherlands. Shoutout to the Node Runners Dutch maxi plebs 🔥   

0:00 Intro 

2:00 Limburg3rt intro 

6:30 Dutch Farmers protest 

13:00 Netherlands is the 2nd largest agricultural exporter in the world 

17:50 Is nitrogen really the concern of ESG? 

21:45 Politicians, well intended or no? 

28:00 ESG hurts those who are compliant the most 

30:25 The media follows the government’s narrative  

32:30 How could bitcoin help in such situations? 

38:50 We are the plebs, there’s an elite club and we’re not in it. 

43:45 Boy farmer, 16 years old in tractor 

47:51 There is less and less trust with centralized government, which leads to bitcoin 

51:20 Even when citizens say what they want, government can decide the opposite 

54:50 Freedom carries more responsibility, while some opt out of freedom for temporary convenience

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