Gravitating Towards Bitcoin: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 40 w/ Singapore HODL

Big Sean and Plan Marcus sit down and have a very insightful conversation with Singapore Hodl. So much signal in this episode, enjoy 🔥   

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Recorded on Monday, November 28, 2022.  

0:00 Intros 

1:10 Macro Economics Talk 

12:30 Singapore Hodl Background 

15:45 How Did He Gravitate to Bitcoin 

20:25 The Bitcoin Standard  

24:00 Why Value Accrues to the Hardest Money 

26:45 Living in Foreign Countries 

31:45 Bitcoin Ownership in Singapore  

33:00 Bitcoin’s Halving Causes the Bull Run 

35:20 Bitcoin is not Crypto  

36:35 Why Most Don’t Understand Bitcoin Yet 

39:25 Bitcoin Twitter Brings Understanding 

42:10 Don’t Let Volatility Scare You 

44:15 Final 3 Questions  

1:04:00 Outros

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