Into the Minds of the Memers: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 23 w/ Tip, Yellow, and RD.

 @tip_nz , Yellow, and RD_BTC join Plan Marcus and Big Sean to discuss all things memes, bitcoin, and what inspires them.  

0:00 Intros 

4:05 Bitcoin obsoletes VCs 

5:50 Once you get Oranged-Pilled it changes you 

11:25 Creative freedom of memes 

14:25 Everything is basketball  

16:40 Memer chat 😎 

42:00 Thailand turning to bitcoin 

43:45 Sovereign individuals using bitcoin 

47:00 Don’t forget about the Halving Party 

48:30 Meme Factory Catamaran does not exist 

49:40 What takes a meme from good to great? 

56:45 Memes can bring you back in time to certain memories 

59:15 How to deal with Copyright issues? 

1:04:56 what is it? 

1:07:24 Outtros

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