Rope’s Sophomore Syllabus: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 33 w/ @Ropeium

Big Sean and Plan Marcus sit down and go over a review of Rope’s first year in bitcoin. Through the ups and downs, bulls and bears, scammers and educators, noise and signal, reddit to Bitcoin Twitter and more. Rope has a lot of good energy and we are excited to see how year two plays out for him. Surely big things on the way for this history loving Bitcoiner.  

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0:00 Intros 

2:00 Rope is the Pubby of this cycle 

4:30 Rope already a legendary memer 

10:15 Rope being class of ’21, how did he find bitcoin 

15:00 The path to bitcoin only 

21:10 How do you go about being a Bitcoiner? 

23:30 Have bitcoin narratives changed in the last year? 

27:00 Why should money and state be separated 

33:00 There’s always money in the banana stand (Central Bank money printer) 

35:45 Bullish patience is key 

39:00 Low prices help plebs stack harder, price is so unpredictable 

43:15 Family and Friends who you’ve orange-pilled 

46:50 Bitcoiner’s Guide Final 3 Questions 

1:06:07 What Bitcoin Did blunder 

1:07:00 Outros

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