Self Discipline in Bitcoin Maximalism: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 38 w/ Greek Hodl

Recorded on Friday, November 11, 2022.  

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0:00 Intros 

3:45 Digesting What’s Going On 

7:45 People learn from pain 

9:30 Don’t Trust the Influencers, Verify 

11:45 Responsibilities of Sponsorships 

14:55 Scammer Vibes 

17:55 Conspiracy- There are Bigger Players BTS 

20:30 Attacks on Bitcoin  

23:55 The Crypto Cleansing 

27:30 Self Discipline in Bitcoin Maximalism 

29:30 Bitcoin Was Created to Set Us Free 

31:55 Question Everything 

34:00 Oil Partnership with Bitcoin Mining 

35:50 Bitcoin is the Future 

39:30 New Wave of Bitcoin Maximalists 

43:30 Bitcoin Standard Changes How to be Successful  

49:00 Learn from Mistakes 

52:00 FTT parallel with USD 

56:15 Final 3 Questions

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