Take Control of Your Body: Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 41 w/ @Zavonjay

Plan Marcus and Big Sean are joined by Certified Personal Trainer Zavon Jackson. Zavon is currently Sean’s trainer and the three talk about low time preference concerning your body and health. This is a different episode than normal, but definitely worth the listen. Enjoy 🔥   

Zavon is most active on Instagram: @Zavonjay – give him a follow there.  

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Recorded on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.  

0:00 Intros 

1:50 How Zavon Got into Training 

3:15 Mindset Shift-Love Your Body 

7:45 Misconceptions about Fitness 

11:40 Nutrients Make the Difference  

15:15 Commit to Change, Results Come Quickly 

17:20 Everyone has Different Goals 

19:15 What Should I Eat? 

25:30 Beef Initiative 

27:20 The Illusion of Choice 

29:40 Enjoy Wealth with Health 

31:10 What Makes People Fat? 

37:45 Old Habits, Personal Responsibility For What You Eat 

39:50 Why Say No to Vegetables? 

46:15 Fasting? 

50:30 Take Control of your Food 

53:00 Break the Social Pressure of Unhealthy Eating 

55:45 The Vegan/Vegetarian Argument 

1:00:30 Protein Shakes, Creatine, Steriods etc. 

1:07:00 Low Time Preference 

1:09:30 3 Recommended Lifts 

1:12:10 Zavon’s Take on Bitcoin 

1:14:25 Outros

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