The Bitcoin Supercycle Great Debate : Bitcoiner’s Guide Episode 10

0:00 Intro w/ Marcus and Sean 

1:40 Bitcoiner’s Guide Tip of the Week 

2:56 Screenshare Bitcoin’s Price on Log Scale 4 Year Cycles 

4:25 Are we still in 4 cycles? Marcus breaks it down 

11:00 Bitcoin halvings, price run up/blow off history, and normal chart terms. 

17:17 2021 run up was it a normal top? 18:53 Federal Reserve is a crack addict 

20:25 Buy the dips 22:10 Supercycle = expect the unexpected 

24:50 Zoom out we are early. 

27:35 MegaBull Plan Marcus calls $100 M per BTC and Sean can’t believe it. 

30:00 Supercycle or 4 year cycles? 33:45 Why Bitcoin’s price is created at the margins 

35:30 The fundamentals of Bitcoin are more important in price 40:00 Bitcoin Zen Mode 

42:41 Outtro

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